PT. Posanindo Surya Internasional

why i founded posa

During my college age, I took an introductory class to export import when most of my friends took sports or music. I thought it was a cool thing to learn. Little did I know that a 6-month class turned into a lifelong career in logistic. Fast forward 20+ years, I have worked my way through every function and taught myself everything there is to know about logistic. I was a shipper in a supplier company; a salesman in a shipping line; a marketing forwarder; a chief operations officer in a freight forwarding company.

The very one thing I realized these 20+ years is that anyone can transport goods from one place to another. But, not everyone will do whatever it takes to ensure that the needs of customers have been well served. From staying awake till dawn waiting for shipment to be loaded; communicating non-stop at wee hours with agents on the other side of the globe to return rejected shipment to its rightful owner; flying 1200 miles as soon as receiving news that customer’s good were mistakenly released by custom; all have taught me Responsibility and Accountability to the extent that they become my main values in serving customers.

I founded POSA logistic with the confidence to move products and information between suppliers, buyers and shipping companies with the best efficient and effective people, systems and processes.

At POSA, We Deliver!

Our Values

Ownership, Respect, Connecting with Dignity

Customers trust us to deliver.

So, we are accountable to deliver

safely, timely and efficiently.

We believe in our people and

we build true human relation.

We grow with our customers

and business partners by building

win-win relationship based on

integrity and fairness.


What Clients Say

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